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The West Wing Fandom Newsletter
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This journal is intended as The West Wing equivalent to such fandom newsletters as su_herald and daily_snitch.

Once a week a summary of activity in fandom (fanfiction, icons, discussion) will be posted here, along with links to news items and other material of interest to TWW fen.

Our goal is to link to as much as we can. Any help offered will be gratefully received. Please feel free to self-pimp or to pimp your friends. I can't possibly find everything, so I need your help. You can get in touch by leaving a comment on the latest entry or emailing raedbard @ livejournal.com. All comments on the journal are screened.

We appreciate links to: fanfiction, ficathons, recs, news items concerning The West Wing or any of its actors, dicussion/meta on the show, new communities, major updates of archives or rec sites, icon or graphics posts. If you see or post anything else you feel might be of interest then get in touch!

To read, just add us to your Friends List. :)

If any journaller sees themselves or a post of theirs on The Full Lid that they would rather was not linked then do feel free to tell us to remove the link and we'll oblige.

Note that the links, in particular the fanfiction links, may be to posts of an adult nature. All fic is listed with the author's rating, but even so, please be careful when you click!