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period ending 15.04.2009 - That's a full lid!
starting the leak
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April 2009

ma (possibly deceased) ... posting in The West Wing Fandom Newsletter
User: tww_full_lid (posted by quirkytaverna)
Date: 2009-04-15 22:25
Subject: period ending 15.04.2009
Security: Public
No quote today, just an apology for the slight delay due to the Easter holiday period. Things are all back on track; thanks to so many of you for your patience :)

:: Fic
caitrin: Chapter nine and ten of Radiant (Josh/Donna; R)
black_eyedgirl: Stranger is equally apt (Sam/Toby/Josh; PG13)
caitrin: Peter Cottontail (Josh/Donna; G)
melanie_anne: Absolution (Jed/Abbey; PG)

:: Searching For Fic
jem80: looking for a specific Rosslyn what-if fic

:: Fic Event Signups

:: Icons/Graphics/Vids
indigo_inferno has 55 TWW icons
janejosiane has 8 Josh/Donna icons + wallpaper
amorfati1013 has 22 TWW icons

dr_ingram: Red Lights (Josh/Donna; vid)
innocent_motive: Finally Breathe (Josh/Donna; vid)
dr_ingram: Put the Sun Back (Josh/Donna; vid)

jillkins has an ep 3x22 picspam

:: News/Related Cast Projects
Marlee Matlin speaks at the Coumcil for Exceptional Children Convention and Expo
Exceutive Producer John Wells' new show Southland premieres
More on Norquist vs Bradley Whitford
Where are They Now: The West Wing
9 to 5, starring Allison Janney, opens on Broadway on April 7
Aaron Sorkin returns to TV

:: Fun TWW Stuff
Bonnie Hunt auctioning a Martin Sheen signed TWW script

Remember, if I've missed something, comment and let me know! I'll be sure to include it next time.
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